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Are you ready to retire or sell your business and move on to your next adventure?

We can help get you there!

If you are a distributor with annual sales less than $1,000,000 and you are thinking of retiring or selling your business,
The Distributor Exchange can help you reap the financial rewards you deserve and move on to your next adventure in life.

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Million or Less in Annual Sales

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Rafael-Dosman-e1613771332948-300x279RAFAEL DOSMAN, MASI
Exit Strategist
If you are interested in the 6 Steps to Selling Your Business, please fill out this form , and we will send you this valuable information at no charge.

1. Know Your Business

2. Protect Confidential Information

3. Expand Your Buyer Pool

4. Identify Key Buyer Qualities

5. Understand the Valuation Process

6. Know the Buyer

"The Distributor Exchange was outstanding in researching this opportunity for A4 Promotions and Incentives.  We would highly recommend The Distributor Exchange to any distributor company looking to sell its distributorship."

– Brittany Smith
   A4 Promotions and Incentives (California)

Exclusive Advantages


The Distributor Exchange provides a fast and methodical selling process, striving to complete transactions within just 90 days.


The Distributor Exchange is the only service in the promotional products industry focusing on distributors with annual sales less than $1,000,000.

Buyer Network

The Distributor Exchange works with a network of 600 experienced distributors nationwide that are looking to grow their business through acquisitions.


The Distributor Exchange consists of industry experts as opposed to a broker who does not understand the industry and has no buyer contacts.


The Distributor Exchange guides you through the entire process and prepares all the necessary documents – all at a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere.


Our Team

The Distributor Exchange works with a team of respected professionals from all facets of the promotional products industry.

Collectively, we have more than 200 years of industry experience. Our team consists of accountants, lawyers and dealmakers, as well as marketing, finance, technology and human resource professionals, all of whom are available to help you with your plans.

Our Mission

It is the mission of The Distributor Exchange to help small distributors sell their business quickly and easily to a qualified buyer at a price and on terms that make sense for both parties. In addition, it is the mission of The Distributor Exchange to help small distributors plan a sensible “exit strategy” regarding their business.